Mission Statement

Our mission at South Florida Caribbean Conference (S.F.C.C.) is to raise awareness as well as to educate the American population and the West Indians diasporas about the diversity of Caribbean Culture. Learning about the history and heritage of the Caribbean goes a long way towards understanding who we are among the rest of the world. The Caribbean has always been a site of global interactions and attractions. We have played an important role in the circulation of ideas and sharing of cultural practices from the indigenous people’s experience to the modern contemporary Caribbean. Each of the Caribbean countries is unique and fascinating, ranging form the English, Spanish and French speaking to the Dutch speaking Caribbean countries. The music, food, dance culture, festivals and local customs have in many ways influenced who we are and set us apart from the rest of the world. This Conference will educate the American population, as well as West Indians about the past, present and future of the culture and heritage of the Caribbean nations. It will be also an occasion to have much needed conversation about the vital contribution of our Caribbean region to the world, particularly in terms of history, festivals, music, food and arts as well as engaging discussion on current issues that affect the Caribbean. For example, the lack of healthcare, impact on finances, crime, impact of technology and social media within the Caribbean population.


Professionals will gather annually in November for a three-day Conference. The weekend will be packed with events, including a welcome party, educational workshops and a Caribbean Expo. Although the events on Friday and Saturday are intended for adults, the Caribbean Expo on Sunday, November 11th will include fun for the entire family!


It’s an annual three-day conference held in November of each year.  A weekend packed with events, including a welcome party (business/young professional networking), educational workshops and a Caribbean Expo. Although the events on Friday and Saturday are intended for adults, the Caribbean Expo on Sunday, include fun for the entire family!


Attendees will experience inspirational, empowering and educational lectures, opportunities to network, a multitude of cultural presentations, and other enriching activities. 

 The weekend schedule is as follows:

  • Friday: The conference will kick off with a welcome party, targeting Businesses and professionals. Great opportunity for networking and building your resources while they enjoy the rich Caribbean music and art. 
  • Saturday: A full day of distinguished professionals delivering workshops. On an annual base, we will be focusing of different issues as its related to the growth of our community.


Saturday Night: After party are intended for adults. It’s a night where we enjoy our sweet Caribbean music from all over the Caribbean Islands /nations. 

  • Saturday Night, November 16th-After party


This Annual South Florida Caribbean Conference will be held Annually in November. By establishing this gathering, Sookraj aims to empower and unify the large Caribbean community not only in South Florida, but all over the country. In her own words, Sookraj “has hope that by organizing a yearly conference, it will promote and bring awareness about the Caribbean Islands, as well as provide a place where individuals can openly and safely discuss issues about our community as a whole.” 


SFCC aims to strengthen the ties between South Florida and the Caribbean, creating a doorway of opportunity and philanthropy for all. The work doesn’t end with the conference either. Throughout the year, SFCC gives back by producing toy drives and book drives for children in both regions. The two historically tied regions are moving forward hand-in-hand to break down more barriers and create even a more promising history.