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The Influence of Music within the Caribbean

The Influence of Music within the Caribbean: View our newsletter to learn more and get event updates:   View Newsletter It is no secret that the Caribbean community is very diverse and consists of many cultures that are heavily influenced by the countries and ethnicities of the descendants who carry on the traditions of their ancestors.…
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SFCC Launch & Birthday Celebration

Come to our South Florida Caribbean Conference official launch and join us to celebrate one of our members and sponsor, Harry of Bubbler Sound. Sunday, May 7th 2017 Central Broward Regional Park Shelter 6

Carnivals and the Influence In South Florida

View our February Newsletter to: View Newsletter When someone who hails from a Caribbean island hears the term “Carnival,” one of the first countries that immediately comes to mind is without a doubt, the twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Located at bottom of the Lesser Antilles, these two, small and separate islands, form…
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SFCC 2017 Introduction

Read our January Newsletter Special Edition and meet our C.E.O. and founder as well as learn about upcoming special events and conferences. Also learn about our SFCC 1st Annual 3 Days Caribbean Conference and how you can take part and/or attend. View Newsletter

The Haiti & D.R. Conflict

The Conflict and tensions between Haiti and Dominican Republic: View our newsletter to learn more and get event updates:   View Newsletter One island, two countries; both steeped in tradition. Although they share the same land form, the small Caribbean countries of Haiti and the Dominican Republic cannot be any more unlike each other; both in…
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