Aissatou Gayle



Empress Aissatou was born Aissatou Stephanie Gayle in a small seaside community called Belmont in the Parish of Westmoreland, Jamaica. Her mother is an international reggae vocalist named Sister I-Live and her father works as a distributor in Montego Bay. In 1989 Empress Aissatou moved to Northern California to join her mother in the San Francisco Bay Area. Empress Aissatou had the opportunity to perform with her mother showcasing her talent as a vocalist and dancer at various reggae venues in Northern and Southern California. While touring with her mother Empress Aissatou shared stages with numerous major reggae artist such as Shaggy, Bennie Man, Andrew Tosh, Ziggy Marley and Sister Carol to name a few. Empress Aissatou achieved her high school diploma at Saint Joseph Notre Dame then completed a double major in Comparative World Literature and Black Studies at California State University, Long Beach in 2004. In 2006 Empress Aissatou moved to South Florida where she pursued a career in Social Services. She currently works as a Case Manager in Broward County serving at-risk youth and their families while still investing in the development of her talent as a vocalist and spreading the positive vibrations of reggae music.