Rasun was raised in Sonoma, California. At the age of 12 Rasun began singing with his father’s band Strictly Roots and by 14 he was playing drums for the group full time. With the passing of his father in 1998 Rasun became the lead vocalist for Strictly Roots. In 2003, Rasun and brother Don Juan Cartel signed their first record deal.

Rasun, an American Reggae artist from the Bay Area, California and has been featured on over 35 singles, including “Program Director” by OAR, “Independence Day” by Fiji, “Hard to Walk Away,” for TJ Records. Rasun is set to release his brand new solo album “Fight To Love Another Day” in 2015.

Rasun/Studio Albums

  • 2012: ‘Mixed Emotions’ EP
  • 2009: ‘Along Again’
  • 2005: ‘Rated R’
  • 1999: ‘Generation’ with Strictly Roots
  • 1992: ‘Last Daze’ with Strictly Roots

Rasun/Featured Singles

  • 2014: “No Turning Back” (Rasun)
  • 2013: “Through It All” (featuring. Aimee Silva) (Rasun)
  • 2012: “Hard To Walk Away” Live In Love (Rasun)
  • 2012: “Shes The One” (Rasun)
  • 2012: “Some How” (Rasun)
  • 2011: “Love You the Way I Do” (Rasun)
  • 2011: “Girlfriend” (Rasun)
  • 2011: “Do What Ya Want” (Lei featuring. (Rasun)
  • 2011: “Say What You Like” (Crooked I featuring.(Rasun)
  • 2010: “Cold World” (Glasses Malone featuring. (Rasun)
  • 2010: “Can’t get you off my mind” (featuring. The Jacka)
  • 2009: “Get It On” (featuring Beenie Man)
  • 2005: “Life Ain’t Easy” (featuring Shock G)
  • 2005: “Program Director” (O.A.R. featuring Rasun)

For More Information, Please visit: www.rasun.com