Stany Benoit


Stany Benoit aka The Stanman

Stany was raised on the friendly multicultural island St. Maarten, by his mother and father who are both from the nature island of Dominica. He attended MAC primary School and St. Maarten Academy High School. He graduated in 1996 – the class of hurricane Luis. Stany was a member of many associations including St. Joseph Scout Troupe, the Key Club, Catholic Youth Group, Socially Acceptable, Leo’s Club & more. People called him “The Stanman; the man with the master plan” because he was always planning something. In 1997, he moved to Miami where he attended IFAC University. It was there that he got his degree in graphic design and web design. He helped start an organization called SXMLINK Foundation in 2001 to help unite St. Maarten students in Florida. Later he realized that the culture and music from the small islands of the Caribbean was not being exposed to the world. In an effort to increase awareness he changed the name to Smallislandmassive. This paved the way for LARGE RADIO which was created in 2006. Suddenly, his mission was clear. Using his weekly radio show every Wednesday night on, hosting Caribbean events and working with many Caribbean organizations around the world, to showcase the REAL Caribbean entertainment to the world. Stany also works with many DJs, radio stations, promoters, artists, producers and bands worldwide. He never works alone, networking while promoting unity, He continuously shows respect to all of the people who are helping to promote our culture.