Winston Sookraj – Sponsor



Winston was born in the Twin Islands of Trinidad & Tobago. He moved to New York City in the early years of the 90’s with his family. At an early age of 16, Winston developed a skilled that would take him to a new level in his life. His first break in the music business was at Club Benab, in Queens NYC. While living in New York City, he expanded his musical career with the top clubs in NYC for the years to come; just to name a few: CLUB BENAB, CALYPSO CITY, LIME LITE, SOB’S’CHINA CLUB, WEBSTER HALL, HIT FACTORY, SOCA ARENA the list goes on. While working with these top clubs in NYC, he was introduced to some of NYC biggest and most talented Deejays, such, as DJ PETER C and DJ NIGHT FLIGHT. After said and done, Winston became the most popular and youngest Deejay at the club making waves in New York City from1990-2005. Playing alongside NYC finest Reggae, Hip Hop, Soca, House & TECHNO Deejays, such as, SOUND CITY, DJ ANOMOUS, KING CHOW, PAPA ROCKY, DAVID RODDIGAN, FUNK MASTER FLEX, DAVID MORALES, DR.JAY, DJ ENVY and the list goes on.

Before CD’S AND SERATO; DJ PETER C took Winston along with DJ NITE FLIGHT and formed the group called the UNTOUCHABLES. There Winston took his talent as a Deejay and moved forward with it, becoming not only a Deejay, but, a promoter doing his own events. Later in the years of doing his own events, he opened his own company called VIBES ENTERTAINMENT. There, he took things to a higher level doing major events all over NYC & THE TRI STATE areas. As, the saying goes, “The Sky was the limit” at the time for Winston. While taking the next step, he would go on to meet with MR. JACK LOWARY OF STRIKE SOUND from NJ; where he was first introduced to live stage shows, live artists and sound engineering. That changed his mind on being a Deejay. Right away, he felt this is what he wanted to do. Thinking what next, Winston took the next step in the music business; into what would change his entire career from a Deejay and a promoter. Being in the mix of all that Winston took the knowledge and the contacts of the business and moved to South Florida, where he turned it around in a company now called VIBES UNITED. Currently, VIBES UNITED is owned and operated by him now based in South Florida. VIBES UNITED provided everything from Artist Bookings, Sound & Lighting rentals, Studio work and much more.

With all said and done, Winston has taken VIBES UNITED to a level of Respect internationally and throughout the USA. Winston is going strong on almost 22yrs of being in the business. As he would say, “I would like to say you cannot fake it to make it. Time and Respect will come from staying true to the game…JAH BLESS…”